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I had no idea what Khonnect does until one of my solopreneur friend introduced this platform to me. To be honest, it’s really tricky when it comes to select reliable and competent freelancer but Khonnect makes things a lot easier for me. My most satisfying experience is I got my project completed right on the deadline. Though my 2-month project lasts, I am still looking forward to using this impactful freelancing platform again.

Chetra, Entrepreneur


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What exactly is Khonnect?

Khonnect is a web platform that connect the business to trusted creative freelancers. Simply put, we help small and medium business that are looking for short-term staff to offer service in creative industry. If you’re an individual or company who are searching for people to design your project creatively and professionally, this platform is for you.

Does Khonnect provide one-stop creative solution on their own?

Khonnect is not providing creative solution on our own. Our main purpose is to help individual creative freelancer to access more job opportunity and work independently. We open number of job opportunities to freelancer in creative industry such as designer, content writer, content creator, photographer and videographer. All of the freelancers on our platform must be verified and qualified to match with client requirements.