Pre Work

Before getting the project

  • 1. Sign up

    join our community and access number of job opportunities.

  • 2. Build profile

    follow our guidelines and make your quality of profile stronger.

  • 3. View job listings/Get recommendation

    you can view a complete information of posting or ask for job recommendation based on your profile.

  • 4. Connect with client

    you can communicate with client directly to understand the scope and details of job more.



Before you start working on the project

  • 1. Offer

    provide quote in response to client‘s requirement.

  • 2. Contract

    customize the contract supported by our Online Contract template and send to your client.

  • 3. Deliver

    after your work complete, deliver final product to the client.

  • 4. Get paid

    payment will be received dependent on agreed terms and conditions.


Post Work

After complete the project

  • Evaluate

    after the submission of work, you can give a reward or provide feedback on freelancer’s performance.