Pre Hire

Before hiring our freelancers

  • 1. Go to telegram

    your personal or company information is required.

  • 2. Post your job

    you can post or upload job on your profile by following our Posting instructions.

  • 3. Search for freelancer

    after your posting is verified, you can either choose freelancers on your list or have us matched the fit freelancer for you.

  • 4. Communicate

    you are enable to have a conversation with the freelancer.



Before you start working with our freelancers

  • 1. Contract

    review the contract sent by the freelancer

  • 2. Pay

    transfer the amount of payment according to the terms and conditions stated in the online contract

  • 3. Track

    view to progress of your work status anytime


Post Hire

After finish the project

  • Evaluate

    after the submission of work, you can give a reward or provide feedback on freelancer’s performance.